How can careers services use TARGETjobs to enrich a student’s career journey?
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

For careers services, bridging the gap between employers and students is an important factor when supporting the employability of students and graduates. Well-researched and crafted content is key to engaging students.

Why TARGETjobs?

We’ve been helping students bridge the gap between university and the graduate job market for over 30 years! With an unrivalled wealth of expertise and over 1,400 articles available on the TARGETjobs website, our team of skilled editors are focused on providing resources that will deliver world-class graduate outcomes. We encourage our university partners to use our resources as if they are their own, to help enrich their students’ career journeys. The TARGETjobs website is a hub of resources that can engage your students, whether they are in the decide, plan or compete stage of their journeys.


If your student is in the decide stage, they are likely looking to explore different career sectors, job roles and employers. With sector-specific guidance, job descriptions, career planning resources and guides to the skills and competencies needed by graduates, the TARGETjobs website can help them explore their options. For careers services, this content is invaluable for students who are unsure about what they want to do or what they can do with their degree, or who are interested in the different types of careers available in specific sectors. In addition, our Employer hubs are an A to Z of top graduate employers that draw together advice and information about career opportunities, and provide an overview of an organisation, a list of the career sectors it operates in and details of any open vacancies. This can help students narrow down specific employers they might want to work for. 


If your student is in the planning stage, they are looking to gain the skills and experience that will help them get the career they want and get to the point where they can make an application. The TARGETjobs website provides guidance for students on everything from guides to graduate careers and jobs in UK cities and regions to working aboard. TARGETjobs can also help students build their professional networks. Our series of events, such as Future Female Engineers, IT’s not just for the boys! and First year Banking insights, allow students to meet and network with leading employers. The Undergraduate of the Year Awards and ICAEW 100 let students compete against their peers for prestigious awards, helping them to stand out from the crowd in the job market. For employers, our events help them to meet talented students interested in pursuing a career in their sector, with potential candidates often invited to their assessment centres following the event.


If your student is ready to start applying, we can connect them with hundreds of job vacancies via the TARGETjobs website. Popular with students and graduates, job vacancies on the TARGETjobs website receive 457,207 views per month and 123,475 applications per month (based on stats from this academic year). In recent months we’ve made improvements to our job recommendations system to drive student engagement by ensuring students are finding jobs that are relevant to them, in turn encouraging them to apply for more and better suited vacancies. For careers services, this means students will be applying for job opportunities that are better suited to their skills and competencies, improving graduate outcomes. Employers will receive more relevant applications, reducing the number of unsuitable candidates, and saving both the students and employers time.

On the TARGETjobs website, features such as Inside Buzz and Employer hubs are highly valued by students, as they make it easy to find out information about a company when applying for a vacancy. Inside Buzz lets interns and graduates review their employer and provide an overall satisfaction score, which is further broken down into subsections: culture, informal training and mentoring, hours, satisfaction with work, salary and diversity. These are accompanied by employee comments and advice about the application process at their company. If students are already taking part in the recruitment process, TARGETjobs offers a wealth of advice about writing CVs and applications, how to interview well, psychometric testing and assessment centres.

Employers really value this information being available to students. Not only does it ensure candidates are better informed coming into the application and interview process, but it also ensures applicants tend to be a better cultural fit. If a student has used Inside Buzz to research companies they are applying to, they have a greater understanding of the demands and culture of that company before they apply. This leads to better suited applicants and greater satisfaction and retention of those who are successful. For careers services, these tools are important as the better informed students are going into the application process, the more successful graduate outcomes will be.

Want to find out more about the resources available to your students through TARGETjobs? Or perhaps you would like to suggest topics for our Editorial team to explore in future features? Get in touch with your Account Manager or Mark Blythe directly at to schedule in a meeting with our expert Editorial team.