'Employability' is the key measure being used by universities to assess the quality and effectiveness of their courses and so we've put interaction with employers at the heart of TARGETconnect in two important and fundamental ways:

Communicate with the student community

by providing the employer with a direct interface through which they can register for events hosted by the university, post jobs on the system, request mailings to the student community and more generally communicate with the careers service.

Co-ordinate employee involvement

through the business participation management module, which provides all the functionality contained in TARGETconnect to publish events to employees, assign roles and monitor their performance.

Communicate with students

Get registered on the university’s TARGETconnect system and…

  • Post information about your organisation through an employer profile
  • See what events the university has planned and apply to participate
  • Define your own events in partnership with the university:
  • Determine what profile of student should attend
    • Arrange for the event to be advertised through the student portal, by RSS feed and email
    • Agree limits on attendance and how the waiting list is managed
    • Organise around timeslots if this is appropriate
    • Get monitoring information on the take-up
    • Capture attendance on the day
    • Get feedback on the event from those attending
  • Post jobs, internships and placements
    • Have these directed at specific student profiles
    • Advertise your position through the student portal, by RSS feed and email
    • Define how the student should apply
    • Request a CV book of possible candidates

Organise your staff

Organisation dashboard

If you are an employer looking to involve your staff in building your brand on-campus or in recruitment events then you will be familiar with the issues of coordinating these activities. The business participation management module will help you:

  • Avoid having to rely on the same people time and again – publish your events across your whole employee community and make it easy for them to register their interest in helping
  • Manage your work by organising your activity into logical groups of work, such as on, and off, campus events, committee work, diversity recruitment, school teams, etc
  • Template your events and activities such that your success is repeated and that you remember to do all the things needed in the lead up to an event
  • Know the roles needed to run an effective event and assign these appropriately to your volunteers
  • Monitor attendance at your events and record and recognise out of the ordinary contributions made by your team
  • Report on your programme of events and understand the return on your investment

In summary the business participation management module makes visible your activities with the university network and opens up the opportunity for your staff to participate while reducing the manual effort involved in organising this.