Student services

You may have read what we do for careers. Careers is just one of a number of student support services where the provision of information, ability to book and record appointments and other student-specific information are key requirements of these important services.

GTI has worked with customers to make sure the tools in TARGETconnect also deliver the service needs of student services that work alongside and independently of careers. Such services would include counselling and guidance, disability, learning support, international student admissions and advice, student finance, maths skills centre and more. All operate in distinct partitions to maintain confidentiality.

Key features

There are some key features and functionality that are inherently necessary for a single CRM system to work successfully across multiple services. TARGETconnect provides all of these key features:

  • A single institution database to which you can provide essential data from your student record system
  • The ability to set up separate services, each with their own confidential view of the system — this ensures that there is no cross-pollination of restricted or confidential information between separate services
  • Students have a single-instance view of all services within TARGETconnect. They can select different services within the system to undertake any activity allowed to them by each service
  • The ability to set up operators with specific views and permissions within a service
  • The ability to set up operators with restricted cross-functional permissions, allowing, for example, a single reception desk for multiple services
  • Service reporting for service managers. Cross-service reporting for senior managers
  • Service can configure how the student interacts with them, e.g. permission for students to book their own appointments online or have them only booked by the service, ability to submit queries etc
  • Services can create custom registration forms and fields to capture service specific-information about the student
  • Services can set up different appointment types to ensure their full appointment service is provided and appointment notes are recorded
  • Full casebook functionality, allowing the recording, monitoring and delivery of appointments that are grouped under one related 'umbrella'
  • Services can run Events such as group sessions that can either be open booked or restricted numbers
  • Specifically for counselling and guidance teams, the facility to record CORE scores, presenting and underlying issues and a full historical log under a student profile that is visible to permitted staff only