TARGETconnect Steering Group - May 2019
Friday, May 17, 2019

Tuesday 14 May 2019 saw the University of London’s Careers Group host the TARGETconnect Steering Group meeting. This influential group of sixteen universities who are driving innovation in graduate outcomes and use of the TARGETconnect meets regularly to shape platform development and prioritise new features to improve student engagement.

The meeting kicked off with a talk from Hannah Harrison, Director of GTI’s TARGETrecruit division. Hannah’s team recruits approaching 1,000 students each year for over twenty leading employers. She discussed how automation and data trends are shaping and driving recruitment inside employers. Hannah also shared her experience and insights on employer’s experience of working on campus. Involving employers at every level of the TARGETconnect roadmap is a core principle of our work and the second Employer Advisory Group will be meeting in June. Watch this space for a report.

The meeting then focused on a host of exciting new features targeted at improving student engagement and learning gain:

  • the revolutionary new Pathways tool which is launching this summer.  Thank you to the Universities of Surrey and Bath Spa for their input in the beta testing.
  • a preview of new student interface enhancements that draws on the wider group’s UI and UX teams to deliver class-leading student interface tools, starting with a new dashboard.
  • a ground breaking new tool for students to benchmark themselves locally and nationally against their chosen peer.
  • and finally the introduction of rich content services into TARGETconnect drawing on both TARGETjobs and a university’s own content.  

The driver behind all of these new features is to improve student engagement and help deliver learning gain for all students at a TARGETconnect university. The Steering Group were enthusiastic to help guide the TARGETconnect team on the best way to launch and deploy these services across the user base.

Attention then switched to focus on customer success and building on the positive reception to the new Health Check service which we are in the process of rolling out across the user group. Detailed attention was then made to the range of improvement and development requests, with a focus on prioritisation to help the platform development team.

The four hours roared by and we covered a huge amount of ground. I am sure there were issues which we will need to return to, but it is great to see the Steering Group develop into such productive and valued guide for TARGETconnect’s platform development – and, soon, the wider range of tools aimed at helping Career Services help their students.

Thank you to all the attendees.