The Rise of Gen Z: How to successfully communicate with a social media generation
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Jack’s story

Our digital marketing manager Jack Hawkins has worked for GTI for three and a half years. Jack manages our student-facing TARGETjobs social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He also manages the ‘early careers’ social media channels at Sky and works with them to create social content to maximise engagement. As part of the millennial generation, Jack has grown up using social media and his experience has given him valuable insight into how to maximise engagement with Generation Z on social media.

So, what is Jack’s key takeaway for careers services looking to enhance social media engagement with students?

Well, telling stories rather than just promoting advice, roles and job opportunities is the key to engaging ‘Gen Z’.

Jack told us: ‘Social media is extremely effective for storytelling. However, this is often overlooked in favour of promoting clicks, registration, etc. We’ve seen huge social media engagement with posts that delve into the stories of recruiters and graduates alike. The user can relate to this on a much more personal basis; why this advice is important, why the user should apply for the role and what impact it will have on their careers.

Jack also gave us an insight into how graduate employers are using social media.

“So much more than just reading through a job description influences a graduate’s decision to work at a certain employer. They want to understand what the working environment is like, what values the organisation has and ultimately whether they see themselves in a long-term career with that employer. More and more graduates want a transparent view into the organisations they see themselves starting their careers with and a combination of social media and insight from workers in the company is the best tool to allow organisations to showcase this.”

It's not surprising that social media has become such a vital area in employer recruitment strategies. According to the 2019 Trendence UK Graduate Survey, 79% of students are using LinkedIn to investigate job opportunities, 20% use YouTube, 19% use Facebook and 17% use Twitter for the same reason.

Gen Z-ers aren’t just plainly seeking out jobs. They want to be engaged, and telling a narrative accomplishes this.

Tell a story. Be like Jack.

Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins
Digital Marketing Manager