The Rise of Gen Z: Four Ways You Can Get Gen Z to Engage with Your Emails
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dear reader,

In an era of the internet’s increasing influence, students and members of ‘Generation Z’ are receiving more emails than ever before.

But how do you make sure your emails stand out from the crowd? Group GTI’s Head of Email Marketing, Simon Bannister, gives us his top tips to achieve this.

An expert in Email Marketing, Simon has previously worked for two of the UK’s leading Email Service Providers developing strategies for national and international clients. Since joining GTI, Simon has incorporated his wealth of knowledge to drastically improve student engagement with TARGETjobs. From developing mobile friendly communications to pioneering the TARGETjobs SMART emails, Simon continues to increase engagement by delivering relevant content to our members.

So, what’s his advice?

1.       Clear and Simple Subject Lines- The student should know the content of the email before opening it.

In our experience, clever and witty email subject lines can prove confusing to the reader and detrimental to your chances of getting them to click it. Students aren’t scrolling through their emails to look for fun and games, they are most likely there for formal, work or business-related purposes; job searches; or to de-clutter their inbox from random emails trying to catch their attention!

Therefore, keep your subject line short, concise, and to the point. Make it clear what you want and then the student has to make minimal effort.

2.       Brief paragraphs

We have found that short paragraphs with a clear call to action will generate more clicks through to further content.

The recipient should be able to scan the document as quickly as possible; therefore, it is paramount that you don’t overload your readers with huge blocks of text.

3.       Timing

Depending on the desired objective, timing can play an important factor in driving traffic. If you need students to complete an application or a similarly time-consuming process, sending the request on a Friday afternoon will yield fewer conversions than it would during the middle of the day, midweek, or during school and university holiday periods.

Timing is everything, so think before you send.

4.       Relevance

Above all else, the email must be relevant to the recipient you are sending it to. If you consistently send messages that are not relevant to the recipient, their long-term engagement will undoubtedly wane.

If their attention-span and likelihood to respond decreases, then their likelihood to unsubscribe, move your emails to junk, or disengage increases. Therefore, always keep it relevant or don’t send it to them at all.

There we have it. Four ways to immediately improve your engagement with our new busy ‘Gen Z’ internet users and it’s really not too complicated.

Many thanks,